[ 4 Signs that You are Learning From Other’s Mistakes ]

Some Signs Tell you if You Are Learning From Other People’s Mistakes. Developing Your Awareness Awareness is considered as something — Implied that it should be known by everyone, but the reality is people not born as aware of everything; they develop their awareness by searching, socializing, talking, study, and as a good knowledge gainer. If you are the person who loves to be aware of everything and learning from it. That you’ll gonna remember, and that saves you from doing the same. As you are learning, and it’s the first impressive sign of learning from other’s mistakes. Most of you must be thinking — “ we all want to aware of everything and most probably we are”. Well, that’s good, but how many you are learning from it or implement it at that time when it requires? — Not everyone, but some of us. Playing a Role of “Fire Brigade” That’s tricky, but yes it’s worthful for learning from other people’s mistakes. Helping people when needed, in their hard time, not only right for humanity but also right for you. Their problems affect you: emotionally, mentally, and physically that will give you a negative thought. The negative thought: that turn on the alert in you to prevent such happening with you, and warns you for future problems that are uncertain but can be certain. When you are trying to help them, you could also see and feel their suffering, and this makes a big red signal for you not to done something like this. The Social Bird It’s the 21st century, surrounded by an internet where people not only make relations, but also share their moments, feelings, and whatnot. Not, everyone uses the internet as a useful source, but some people utilize the internet to learn from other’s experiences in their lives. Being a social bird helps you in learning from other people’s disaster moments that could happen to you, but you could take all the precautions already as you don’t ignore their mistakes as others. It’s as simple as the study that people do not forsake of passing an exam but learn and implement it in their life Become a social bird for not only entertainment but for learning something — that prevents the unwanted mess in your life. A Good Listener The listener is not enough for learning from the mistakes of others, it requires a good Listening skill that represents a person who just not listening to the sake of sympathy but genuinely wants to become a journal of someone; So, that another person after letting know him his disaster, he will feel safe, and free. Knowing them and their mistakes, you’ll be ready for not to become that person ever in your life. People are a good listener but they just don’t learn from it, I mean not every time. Listening to someone’s pain because of his or her own mistakes helps you to feel and imagine his situation. So, you will not feel that for yourself.