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[ Access alternative through python and sqlite3 ]

is there a way to build a standalone rapid embedded databases with forms as front-end like MS Access, using python and sqlite, by rapid i mean, a WYSIWYG GUI builder for forms (like Access form designer), which should also support subforms, i search around and it might work with qt designer 4 + python + sqlite,

for the standalone deployment, i heard that you can turn python script to an .exe (for windows) that would rock!!!

my question: any of you guys tried this? qt designer 4 +python + sqlite, would it replace MS Access? i know there's Libreoffice base , but it's too big (170~ MB) and requires java -not really a standalone- I'm pretty good at SQL so i don't care about SQL easy graphical designer


Answer 1

Dabo or Camelot may be what you're looking for, or at least close.