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[ ActionBarSherlock library not recognizing ]

I imported android project from idea to eclipse and I have a problem: ActionBarSherlock, MediaLibrary etc. are not recognized.In project properties I see a such thing enter image description here

and in library tree the situation is:

enter image description here

root element is my main project. How to make this actionbarsherlock and the others recognizable?

Answer 1

If your configuration has worked before, try to remove all libraries from your project, do a clean build (I don't know if this is necessary, but just to be sure). Then open your project-properties again and add your libraries to the project. Now check after you clicked ok and the project has rebuild, if your libraries are now recognized.

Answer 2

are the projects located on different drives? i had the same issue and then noticed that if you look at the android project file, you'll notice that the location of those libraries is set as relative. in eclipse, there's a difference between the location of the actual code and the data in the workspace. you need to pay attention to that difference.

i moved the sources of the ABS (action bar sherlock) and the sources of my android project to the same disk - logical or physical, and re-selected the reference to the ABS project. this worked and solved the problem for me.