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[ Android layout designer in VS dont work ]

Using Xamarin I can't solve the error when open even the default layout.

" Something weng wrong The installed Android SDK it to old. Version 25.1.3 or newer is required. Please update to the latest version. "

As seen in the image below I already installed the latest tools. SDK Manager

Using Java 1.8. Did I miss something? Thank you very much.

Additional config details

Answer 1

I had a similar problem. Here a solution that worked for me:

1) delete the one package appearing in the screenshot of the Android SDK Manager in the url below. Nota bene: At this stage VS 2015 greyed out the Android SDK manager buttons, even after a restart.

2) download installer_r24.4.1-windows.exe for windows https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html

3) launch the Android SDK Manager outside of VS and install the proposed 19 packages. This time I could go through the installation.

4) Launch VS 2015 and create Xamarin Android project. Launching Main.axml would launch the designer properly on an android project.

More details here How to resolve : unexpected error occured Initializing Android Designer" in VS 2015 with Xamarin