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[ [BLOG] A successful business using BI-tool and the TEMCO App ]

Continuing from the last article, let’s find out where did Mr. Smith’s box has gone to. So, where is the missing box? After finding out that the consumers trust the reliability of the ‘Cold-Away’, Mr. Smith has ordered 100 boxes of the capsules. So, the owner of the ‘Cold-Away’ goes into production right away. Mr. Smith has been waiting for the best product only receives 99 boxes instead of 100. However, even before receiving a call for the missing box, Mr. Kim knows that only the 99 boxes of the product had been received. How did Mr. Kim find out that only 99 had been received at the pharmacy before even receiving a call from the pharmacy? Finding out the distribution process through the TEMCO App: TEMCO App was the answer to Mr. Kim. TEMCO App uploads distribution process in real time; he used 2 distributors to transfer the ‘Cold-Away’, and there had been a problem during the delivery process. The distributor ‘A’ delivered the products right away to Mr. Smith’s pharmacy, but the other company, distributor ‘B’ made a stop at another pharmacy and wrongly delivered one of the Mr.Smith’s boxes. If Mr. Kim views the distribution process through the regular delivery application, he may not have found out where the problem happened. However, TEMCO App verifies not only the weight, delivery and proper temperature for the product(s) in real time, so Mr. Kim was able to use the TEMCO App to find out where the mishap in the distribution process happened. Mr. Kim, with a relief, “thank goodness, it would have been terrible to lose the box”, and he sends another box of the capsules to Mr. Smith’s pharmacy. As he is preparing to send the box, Mr. Kim uploads the product data to the TEMCO App, using TEMCO tokens. Without the TEMCO App, Mr. Kim would not have found out why one of the boxes were not sent to Mr. Smith. Mr. Kim and Mr. Smith business insight: The BI-tool: Mr. Smith, worrying about why one of the boxes have not arrived at his pharmacy, checks the TEMCO App to find out the entire supply chain process. With Mr. Kim’s reaction to mediate the situation, the missing box is delivered to Mr. Smith’s pharmacy. Mr. Kim and Mr. Smith smoothly finish the transaction. Also, the ‘Cold-Away’ capsules had been sold out quickly, so Mr. Smith was very amused about the situation. At this time, no one was returning, unlike the “Flu-Away”. It was because the information regarding the product was viewed transparently and the products were delivered with the right temperature, proper storage, and delivery process, through the TEMCO App for all participants of the supply chain network. Through TEMCO’s BI-tool, Mr. Smith found out that the main consumers of the medicine were 30 to 40 years old woman, so Mr. Smith is looking to find ways to appeal to this group of demographics. Mr. Smith, through the BI-tool, finds out that this age group of women appreciates the ingredients of the medicine, so he orders 30 boxes of the ‘Ginseng-Power’, flu and cold medicine. As Mr. Smith utilizes the TEMCO’s BI-tool, the popularity spread through the local community that Mr. Smith sells very reliable products. Mr. Smith decides to continue to subscribe to the use of TEMCO’s BI-tool, feeling satisfied. “TEMCO App! It is amazing!”. This month as well, Mr. Smith and Mr. Kim pay the monthly fee for the use of TEMCO’s BI-tool. Because of TEMCO’s BI-tool, Mr. Kim’s factory and Mr. Smith’s pharmacy continue to grow every day. TEMCO’s BI-tool can be utilized in other areas than the industry that Mr. Kim and Mr., Smith is involved in. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from TEMCO!