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[ BREAKING: Clear Majority Favour Ottawa Bank Street O-Train Line ]

The 4.5 km Bank Street O-Train line which has captivated people throughout the city, was the clear winner from an Ottawa poll released today. It was picked above all future transit options. Results were overwhelming showing support for the Ottawa Bank Street O-Train line with over 50% support from poll respondents. The poll gave the option to vote in 4 popular choices that have been the focus of Ottawa O-Train planning. The Bank Street O-Train line had more then twice the support of the next closest choice. Respondents had 24 hours to vote in the poll. Shane Seguin Webmaster Rail Fans Canada The poll was commissioned by the group Rail Fans Canada. When asked for comment from the organization, its webmaster, Shane Seguin responded “I was expecting to see these results, but was expecting Montreal Road option to be higher.” “The Bank Street O-Train Line would allow people to connect to Lansdowne. For the people who live in Ottawa South East it would be a way to give them access to the downtown.” Shane Seguin goes on to say “the people who live in the core are seeing development to the suburbs and obviously the city core of Ottawa is having this discussion right now.” Map created by Antoine Sauvé “Anything to get Vanier Montreal Road and Bank Street on par with the service that is being built and expanded across the city would be a well deserved improvement in the region.” For more information on the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel see previous news links below: Bank Street O-Train Tunnel Video from YouTube Clinton P. Desveaux can be reached via email: ClintonDesveaux@gmail.com