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Can White People Stop Fetishizing Black Men’s Penises Let’s talk about the white obsession with the “Big Black Cock.” Image by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay Amateur porn sites are full of it: videos of Black men having sex with white women. Every single one of these videos fetishizes Black men on the basis of having a large penis. In other words, he has a BBC. No, this doesn’t mean British Broadcasting Corporation. At least not on these porn sites. It’s means Big Black Cock. The titles of the videos advertise what the viewer will see if they just click. “White slut struggles with BBC.” “White mom punished by BBC.” “Petite blonde’s ass drilled by BBC.” The assumption is that Black men have larger penises than white men. The problem is, this is a racist concept. White people have long peddled the belief that Black men are more sexually virile, promiscuous and deviant than white men. Saying that all Black men have larger penises than white men is just a reflection of that. When Black people are viewed as sexually “better endowed” and therefore more depraved, this belief can be used to justify institutionalized racism. The forced sterilization that women of color suffered in the U.S. in the mid-twentieth century was justified as a means of eugenics. Today’s mass incarceration of Black men is rationalized by a justice system that views Black men as more dangerous and violent than men of other races. Historical roots of whites fetishizing black people The sexual fetishization of people of African origin by people of European descent is nothing new. Two South African women were exhibited as freak-show attractions in nineteenth century Europe under the name The Hottentot Venus. People in London were able to pay to look at her naked body. The real attraction was the size of her large buttocks. For a price, onlookers could even poke her with a stick or finger. Nineteenth century European scientists also “studied” The Hottentot Venus, using their findings to distinguish the “savage” African woman from the “civilized” European female. During slavery in this country, whites exercised complete control over Black bodies. The rape of Black women by white men was commonplace and had no repercussions. However, if Black men even so much as looked at white women the result could be fatal. Not even Black male children were spared punishment. In 1955, Black fourteen-year-old Emmett Till was lynched for allegedly speaking to a white woman in Jim Crow Mississippi. BBC on phone-sex sites Today there exists a more insidious form of sexualizing Black people by white people. Black men are fetishized as erotic content on the basis of their penis size. Not only do white people derive pleasure from the idea that Black men’s penises are bigger and therefore more sexually satisfying, but some white men derive sexual gratification from feeling “inferior” to Black men. On the popular phone-sex website where I work, one of the most common ad types is for a white female phone-sex operator to invite white male customers to talk about performing oral sex on “superior” Black men for her enjoyment. Such ads coax the customer: “So you wanna suck BBC?” “I’m a BBC lover too, let’s talk cock.” “Stroke your inferior white cock while you watch me take BBC.” Black female phone-sex operators also use the existence of this fetish to make money. One Black female phone-sex operator claims to take white men on a “journey” to worship Black penises. “I know of your Black cock lust. I’m well aware how many hours you spend looking at it and stroking to it. I know how your women get soaked for it. You need to relinquish your women to Black men.” The idea is that not only are Black men’s penises bigger than white men’s, but white women prefer them and therefore white men should be made to worship these penises. Penis size comparison If a white man isn’t seeking to perform oral sex on a Black man then he seeks to measure his penis in comparison to a Black man’s. That his penis is revealed to be smaller is exciting to him. Such white men also have fantasies of their girlfriends or wives going out to meet a group of Black men to have sex with. Although some of these fantasies effectively turn racism on its head by inverting racist tropes to show Black men in a superior position to white men, this only occurs as a way for white men to get off. Though these are just fantasies, they are undeniably rooted in racism. Such fantasies would not exist without institutionalized racism. Without racism, there would be no BBC, period.