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[ Convert array element to float ]

I have a one dimensional array called monteCarloPerf which can look something like:

monteCarloPerf  [[113.4848779294831], [169.65800173373898], [211.35999049731927], [169.65800173373901], [229.66974328119005]]

I am retrieving a single element from the array using:

finalValue = monteCarloPerf[arrayValue]

where arrayValue is an integer.

Say arrayValue = 0, at the moment I am getting returned : [113.4848779294831]. Is there a way to just return the float without the brackets please? So I would be returned just 113.4848779294831.

Many thanks

Answer 1

Your object monteCarloPerf is a one dimensional array containing elements of one dimensional arrays, or a list of lists. In order to access the value of the first element of the object you have to change your access to that element to the following:

finalValue = monteCarloPerf[arrayValue][0]

Answer 2

In fact, that is a 'TWO dimensional' array.

To get the float value you can do the following:

finalValue = monteCarloPerf[arrayValue][0]

Or you can transform the two dimensional array to a one dimensional array:

one_dim = [item[0] for item in monteCarloPerf]

I hope this helps.

Answer 3

monteCarloPerf is a list of list. When you are using monteCarloPerf[index] it is returning list at index position. Based on the symmetry in your list, in each sub-list, item at [0] position is the actual value you are trying to fetch.

Use this to fetch the value

finalValue = monteCarloPerf[arrayValue][0]

Answer 4

Here's a weird way to do this without using list.__getitem__() method:

float(''.join(i for i in str(monteCarloPerf[arrayValue])))