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[ Cordova Debug Build Error: DEP6100, DEP6200 ]

I'm unable to build the default BlankCordovaApp on a Window Phone 10 device OS build 10.0.10581.0.

I get the following error when trying to debug (Debug > Windows Phone 10 > Device) enter image description here

Note. I am using Node.js 0.12.7 (ia32), Cordova tools 5.3.3

Answer 1

The answer can be found here: How to develop windows 10 uwp on real device (mobile)? by @Eva FP

The problem is specific to with Window Phone 10.0.10581.0

  • Create a Registry Key in: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SirepClient] (Probably you will need to create it)
  • Create a dword with name "DisableProtocol3" and value 00000001
  • Restart Visual Studio and try deploying the solution back again.