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[ CUDA driver API: Where is nvcuda? ]

The CUDA C Programming Guide Version 4.2 states:

The driver API is implemented in the nvcuda dynamic library which is copied on 
the system during the installation of the device driver.

I installed the RC5.0 devdriver on my Linux box along with SDK 4.2 and 5.0. Right now I have difficulties finding this library. Its not in (or under) /usr, /lib, /lib64, nor in one of the SDK libs:

CUDA 4.2:

ls /usr/local/cuda-4.2/cuda/lib64/

libcublas.so        libcudart.so        libcufft.so        libcuinj.so        libcurand.so        libcusparse.so        libnpp.so
libcublas.so.4      libcudart.so.4      libcufft.so.4      libcuinj.so.4      libcurand.so.4      libcusparse.so.4      libnpp.so.4
libcublas.so.4.2.9  libcudart.so.4.2.9  libcufft.so.4.2.9  libcuinj.so.4.2.9  libcurand.so.4.2.9  libcusparse.so.4.2.9  libnpp.so.4.2.9

CUDA 5.0:

ls /usr/local/cuda-5.0/cuda/lib64/

libcublas.so        libcudart.so        libcufft.so        libcuinj.so        libcurand.so        libcusparse.so        libnpp.so        libnvToolsExt.so
libcublas.so.5.0    libcudart.so.5.0    libcufft.so.5.0    libcuinj.so.5.0    libcurand.so.5.0    libcusparse.so.5.0    libnpp.so.5.0    libnvToolsExt.so.5.0
libcublas.so.5.0.7  libcudart.so.5.0.7  libcufft.so.5.0.7  libcuinj.so.5.0.7  libcurand.so.5.0.7  libcusparse.so.5.0.7  libnpp.so.5.0.7  libnvToolsExt.so.5.0.7

Where is this library installed to?

It's not that the driver API is not included in the RC 5.0. I just reinstalled devdriver 4.2 and its still not in the above mentioned places.

Answer 1

Found it. But under a different name (libcuda instead libnvcuda):


This must be a typo/error in the manual.

Answer 2

libcuda is always by default installed to /usr/lib/ and on 64bit linux /usr/lib64

See also Chapter 5. Listing of Installed Components for list and locations of other driver components.