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[ Delphi, FireMonkey: How to find unique hardware id in OSX and iOS ]

I have a Delphi/Vcl application that is now being ported to FireMonkey for cross platform usage. In the Vcl application the licence security is based on the disk serial number, but I have only code for getting this in Windows. Although I would expect very many Delphi developers to need this kind of code also for OSX and iOS, I have not been able to find any code on internet.

So, what I need is Delphi/FireMonkey code that returns a unique hardware id on any iPad or Mac that can run a FireMonkey application (any Intel Mac as far as I know).

If I should be uanable to find such code, I would be grateful for any other creative code dealing with the license security issue.

Answer 1

There is no way.

Binding a thirdparty app to a specific unique hardware is againnst the fondation rule for user expirience. If a user brought ir app over the app store, then he has the right to install it to all his devices. The number of devices per user is limitedand and is subject to decent protection against abuse.