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[ Discover the hidden treasures of India ]

Tale of Chitrakote Falls in Chhattisgarh Rowing boating take you closer to Chitakote falls This was my second visit to the state of Chhattisgarh. Part of long project we were working on for the state government. I was to spearhead the project and in six months tell beautiful success stories of the work that the governement has done there. Commissioned project to tell 1000 stories in all formats. Being an explororer soul I was the happinest to take this upon myself, there was no though or worry about how can so many stories be churned out in so little time, that too from a state which is infamous for it’s red corridors (Naxal belt). But my job was to change that perception and show people that the state was on its recovery jounery and many developemental activities are being taken up by the then ruling BJP governemnt. This time I was accompanied by my favourite colleague Manoj, who happens to be a video journalist. And after a day in Raipur, we were to take off to Dantewada district by road. We started early morning, as travelling post sunset through the forest route was not a good idea. We were accompanied by two friendly governemnt consultants, who would help us with local connects and also help us get interviews with local beurocrats. We set off in an Innova, I had preconcieved notions about how this state would pan out, was open to exploring the state. Our first stop was Bastar, here we met a few local government volunteers, who would later help us with regional stories. One of the consultants, who was travelling with us kept reminding us that, we need to hurry up otherwise we will miss going to Chitrakote Falls. My mind was focussed on my work and I had seen many beautiful falls in South India and had no great expectations, so missing this would not mean a great lose. The driver was also a little cautious and informed us that Chitrakote is out of the way and that would delay our journey. But this gentleman was insistent that, if you are in Bastar you cannot miss Chitrakote. Oh man was he right or what. We finally reached Chitrakote at around 3.30pm. I could see no falls or hear any sound. We parked and I was dead tired by then. We had to walk about half a kilometer and then climb down a rocky hill to get to the elusive Chitrakote. I was tired and a bit hungry, we climbed down and there it was in all its glory, I could not belive my eyes, I was so grateful to our friend for getting us there. Chitrakote is one of India’s hidden tourism treasures. Located in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, about 5.5 hour drive from the capital city Raipur. It is a natural waterfall on Indravati River. Chhaattisgharh has many such hidden treasures but this tops the list, I would recommend you plan well before heading there, as there are not many hotels or restaurants. For that matter anywhere in Chhattisgarh. Getting tips from locals or people who have travelled to teh state is advisable. This state is beautiful in everyway, travel there to know yourself. You can also write to me if you need any help or connections. I have travelled extensively for this project and would be happy to help.