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[ Embedding VLFEAT into python application ]

I installed VLFEAT in my computer, I test it works just fine

    sift -h
    Usage: sift [options] files ...

    Options include:
     --verbose -v    Be verbose
    Version: driver 0.1; libvl 0.9.18

Now i want to invoke the command below from my python program, using os.system(cmd)

sift pic_tmp.pgm --output=/home/sara/data/pic003.sift --edge-thresh 10 --peak-thresh 5

But it doesn't seems to work, Should add something to my eclipse? The source installation of VLFEAT to eclipse?

Any suggestions? thank you

Answer 1

Could cyvlfeat or pyvlfeat work for you? They are non-official python wrappers for vlfeat.