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[ Error (Cannot get property "subscribe" of undefined) in react-redux trySubscribe with Internet Explorer ]

My React won't load on Internet Explorer 10 (Working correctly with Chrome and FF).

I'm getting error :

TypeError: Cannot get property "subscribe" of undefined 
at trySubscribe
at componentDidMount 
at notifyAll 
at close 
at closeAll 
at perform 
at perform 
at perform 
at m 
at close


the trySubscribe function is in react-redux ( src/components/connect.js ):

trySubscribe() {
        if (shouldSubscribe && !this.unsubscribe) {
          this.unsubscribe = this.store.subscribe(this.handleChange.bind(this))

So it seems that this.store is undefined but I don't know why ?

Answer 1

Found it !

I was using a container component extending another container component, and both of them where decorated with @connect !

So I was trying to @connect a component which was not part of the components tree !

After removing @connect from superclass, problem solved ! (Actually I completely removed the superclass (not used anymore) and extended directly Component).