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[ Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorder from an older female standpoint: ]

Reflection on “Autism is a Gift”. Is Asperger’s syndrome the next stage of human evolution?: Tony Attwood | Australian Story — YouTube Tony Attwood is a recently retired clinical psychologist in Australia and the first one to see Asperger’s Syndrome as a gift. He notices in a youngster the signs: self-imposed isolation; rigidity; emotionality; and difficulty in reading social situations. He provides parents with the tools to nurture and support the child’s development and how to manage frustrations. Yet he missed the signs in his own son Will, who spun out of control and faced many challenges before his family recognized the signs for help that had been there all along. Yes, it is true that many living adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are incredibly brave in coping with the challenges of life. Tony says that Autism is a gift to be enjoyed, nurtured, celebrated! He listed a number of famous persons who were considered eccentric yet incredibly creative, which he identifies as very likely autistic: Einstein; Marie Curie; Andy Warhol; Peter Sellers… Yes, with hindsight, one can see all the signs. My son recognized himself in the description of Will’s challenges and tribulations. His spirit lifted when he was able to reframe his life story in that new paradigm.