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[ Filter list base on input model and select in Angular ]

According to this jsbin i have an input and a select option and a list of movies. i want when user type something in input and then select an option in select, Angular filter the list of movies.

<div ng-controller="myController">
<input type="text" ng-model="search"/>
  <option ng-repeat="item in dropdown" value="{{item}}">{{item}}</option>

  <li ng-repeat="movie in movies">
    Name: <strong>{{movie.name}}</strong> |
    director: <strong>{{movie.director}}</strong> |
     actor: <strong>{{movie.actor}}</strong>


and my controller is something like this :

var myApp = angular.module('myApp',[]);
myApp.controller('myController',function myController($scope){

$scope.dropdown = ['name','director','actor'];

$scope.movies = [

{name:'test',director:'test di',actor:'test ac'},
 {name:'test2',director:'test2 di',actor:'test2 ac'},
 {name:'test3',director:'test3 di',actor:'test3 ac'},
 {name:'test4',director:'test4 di',actor:'test4 ac'}

Answer 1

Your need a filter object in the ng-repeat for the movielist. Docs are here: http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/filter/filter.

<li ng-repeat="movie in movies | filter:filterObj">

Since the object ist dynamic i can only think of generating it on change of the input/select.

$scope.changeFilter = function () {
  $scope.filterObj = {};
  $scope.filterObj[$scope.item] = $scope.search;  

Your jsbin is useless unless one can see and edit the code. Here is a working fiddle