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[ Force Netbeans to generate partially-qualified javadoc ]

several methods I have return Map objects like (partially-qualified)


which turn out in the NetBeans (7.0.1) generated javadoc as fully-qualified:


Do you know whether it's possible (and how) to tell NetBeans javadoc generator to use partially-qualified class names? Through Google I was only able to find related Oracle's naming convetion but there seems to be no useful option switch.

Thanks in advance!

Answer 1

I've resolved to post-production modification of javadoc generated files with this simple grep & sed command. It is platform dependent though (*nix os):

For example, to hide all "java.lang" package prefixes, run this in javadoc directory:

grep -rl "java.lang." ./ | xargs sed -i 's/java.lang.//g'

And in the same fashion with "java.util." package:

grep -rl "java.util." ./ | xargs sed -i 's/java.util.//g'

Hope it helps someone out there.