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[ Framing Errors in Celery 3.0.1 ]

I recently upgraded to Celery 3.0.1 from 2.3.0 and all the tasks run fine. Unfortunately. I'm getting a "Framing Error" exception pretty frequently. I'm also running supervisor to restart the threads but since these are never really killed supervisor has no way of knowing that celery needs to be restarted. Has anyone seen this before?

2012-07-13 18:53:59,004: ERROR/MainProcess] Unrecoverable error: Exception('Framing Error, received 0x00 while expecting 0xce',)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/celery/worker/__init__.py", line 350, in start
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/celery/worker/consumer.py", line 360, in start
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/celery/worker/consumer.py", line 445, in consume_messages
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/connection.py", line 175, in drain_nowait
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/connection.py", line 171, in drain_events
    return self.transport.drain_events(self.connection, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/transport/amqplib.py", line 262, in drain_events
    return connection.drain_events(**kwargs)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/transport/amqplib.py", line 97, in drain_events
    chanmap, None, timeout=timeout)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/transport/amqplib.py", line 155, in     _wait_multiple
    channel, method_sig, args, content = read_timeout(timeout)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kombu/transport/amqplib.py", line 129, in read_timeout
    return self.method_reader.read_method()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/amqplib/client_0_8/method_framing.py", line 221, in read_method
    raise m
Exception: Framing Error, received 0x00 while expecting 0xce

Answer 1

While I am not sure why this actually happens, switching from amqplib to librabbitmq helped me to overcome this trouble.

I haven't changed anything in configuration, just:

pip uninstall amqplib
pip install librabbitmq

And restarted celery workers.

Got this idea form https://github.com/celery/celery/issues/922