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[ Get All 'documents' from MongoDB 'collection' ]

I need to retrieve all the documents that are in my collection in MongoDB, but I cannot figure out how. I have declared my 'collection' like this-

private static IMongoCollection<Project> SpeCollection = db.GetCollection<Project>("collection_Project");

And I followed what is explained in this MongoDB tutorial. I adjusted it for my needs, like-

 var documents = await SpeCollection.Find(new Project()).ToListAsync();

However, I keep having the following error-

MongoDB.Driver.IMongoCollection does not have a definition for 'Find' and the best override of the extension method [superlong stuff]. Find contains non valid arguments.

Answer 1

Using the current version of the driver (v2.0) you can do that by passing a filter that matches everything:

var documents = await SpeCollection.Find(_ => true).ToListAsync();

They have also added an empty filter (FilterDefinition.Empty) which will arrive in the next version of the driver (v2.1):

var documents = await SpeCollection.Find(Builders<Project>.Filter.Empty).ToListAsync();

Answer 2

All the documents can be retrieved simply by writing this-

var documents = SpeCollection.AsQueryable();

It can also be converted to Json object-

var json = Json(documents, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Answer 3

If you want all documents, why not use Find all?

var documents = await SpeCollection.Find(new BsonDocument()).ToListAsync();