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[ git clone from other local user ]

I am following chapters from git-scm.com. I have setup a bare repository at my server git@whateverIP/home/user/git/project.git. I pushed my project from my local machine to the bare repository. I thinks that has worked, because on doing push again gives 0 changes made message. now I have another user at my server machine. I wish to clone the repository at git@whatever/home/user/git/project.git to this users directory .

I used command git clone git@whateverIP/home/git/savi/git/Dpschool.git and it says

fatal: repository 'git@' does not exist

and I also used git clone git://whateverIP/home/git/savi/git/Dpschool.git and then it says

errno=Connection refused

I am new @ this, please clear me up on this and suggest some solution

Answer 1

It looks like a permission issue with the group of another user. Please check if the other user is in same group as your's...

Also, if you created the repository (or cloned a new bare repo off an existing one) with

$ git init --shared=group

Git is supposed to handle permissions above and beyond what your default umask provides.