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[ How do I run just a single stage in my bamboo build? ]

I have a bamboo build with 2 stages: Build&Test and Publish. The way bamboo works, if Build&Test fails, Publish is not run. This is usually the way that I want things.

However, sometimes, Build&Test will fail, but I still want Publish to run. Typically, this is a manual process where even though there is a failing test, I want to push a button so that I can just run the Publish stage.

In the past, I had two separate plans, but I want to keep them together as one. Is this possible?

Answer 1

From the Atlassian help forum, here: https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/52863/how-do-i-run-just-a-single-stage-of-a-build

Short answer: no. If you want to run a stage, all prior stages have to finish successfully, sorry.

What you could do is to use the Quarantine functionality, but that involves re-running the failed job (in yet-unreleased Bamboo 4.1, you may have to press "Show more" on the build result screen to see the re-run button).

Another thing that could be helpful in such situation (but not for OP) is disabling jobs.