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[ How Important Is a Global Distribution System ]

GDS is the Software used to create a PNR and issue the Flight ticket for the same. when we want to know the importance of GDS we should First know that how CRS is different from the GDS and how they both are different from each other as mostly People think that CRS and GDS are the same. But it’s not at all True. Travelocourse CRS: Computerized Reservation System CRS is used only by the airlines for its own inventory. Every airline has its own seat inventory and airfare pricing for different routes and different classes depending on the reservation booking designator (RBD) codes. Airlines do have software specifically designed to cater to their own need, The generic term for this is CRS. e.g. Air India’s CRS has been designed and developed by IBM and its called SITAR. GDS: Global distribution System GDS is a third party software that has access to almost over 300 airlines CRS and they combined all inventory in a neutral manner and give access to IATA / Non-IATA agencies via leased line/ web/ API/web services. Now Agency can make a booking of any airlines via any one of the GDS Systems. Market Players for GDS: There are Different Players in Market who are having their own GDS and they Distribute it in Market to Capture Maximum Air Ticket Market Share. 1. Amadeus: Amadeus founded in 1987 and are strongly based in Europe, Mid East, North Africa & Asia Pacific Amadeus Courses starts from just Rs 6000/- so Enroll Today Log in: https://www.travelocourse.com/categories/gds--amadeus 2. Galileo: Galileo founded in 1993 having a strong web presence in the US, Western Europe & Asia Pacific Galileo Courses starts from Just Rs 6000/- Enroll Today Log In: https://www.travelocourse.com/categories/gds--galileo 3. Sabre: Sabre founded in 1976, originally owned by American Airlines are very strong Global presence in the US and the Asia Pacific Sabre Courses starts from Rs 15000/- Enroll Today Log In: https://www.travelocourse.com/categories/gds--sabre 4. Worldspan: Worldspan founded in 1990. Mainly used in the US and Europe Worldspan Courses Starts from Rs 20,000/- Enroll Today GDS Training: You can have GDS Training for any of the Above Software Companies through TOC by any mode you prefer Online or Classroom. You may opt for anyone of the above mentioned GDS training and may choose one of the following course options: 1. Airline Reservations — 20hrs/ 45hrs 2. fares, Pricing, Ticketing, EMDs — 20hrs 3. Ticket Exchanges- 20hrs 4. Hotel Reservations — 20hrs 5. Car Reservations — 20hrs 6. Business Travel Management — 70hrs 7. Classic comprehensive course — 90hrs GDS Training modes by TOC: With International Certification 1. Instructor-Led in Classroom on Emulator- Fees starts from just 5,000 2. Moodle-based Online training with Lesson + Audio+ Video tools- Starting just Rs 799 + Gst Rs 943 5. Emulator based online from US company — fee starts from 10,000 6. Emulator based self-study from IATA — fee starts from 30,0000 Job Roles in Companies after GDS Training: 1. Reservation & Ticketing officer in Airlines/ Travel Agencies / Travel Management Companies/ Online Travel Agencies 2. Corporate Desk / Implant jobs 3. Consultant at Airline/ Agencies business processes’ Source: https://www.travelocourse.com/important-global-distribution-system