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[ How to Arrive at a Startup. ]

7 tips to get you out of the corporate office & into the frenzy of the startup world! Working for a startup is not for everyone. The pace and lack of a formalized process could be scary for some people. But if you want a professional adventure of a lifetime, look no further! Here are some easy tips of what a recruiter for a startup looks for in an ideal applicant! Your resume needs to reflect the role + type of company you are applying for. Show us you can step in and bring a set of skills we need to succeed! If you work in product, make sure you can convey applicable expertise in the product we are trying to build. If our product is banking and you have only worked on social media, then be prepared to wow us with your knowledge of banking-as-a-service, fintech, digital banking, and how your previous experiences can take us to the next level. Know the product! We aren’t looking for people to train, we are looking for people to train us! If we are building a customer experience team from the ground up, then you better believe we want to hire the customer experience guru who knows the ins, outs, and everything in between of CX. No need to apply if you don’t have something to teach us! The best candidates have a 50/50 split between big, corporate, companies, and small business experience. You have both perspectives, but you prefer building from scratch, rather than maintaining, as you would at a larger company. The combination of skills is the sweet spot we are looking for! If you’ve only ever worked in a corporate setting, then make sure you have volunteered and/or interned for a small business. We will want to see that you have a deep understanding of the differences between corporate vs. startup life. It takes a certain type of person who wants to build + promote a brand. We look for energetic, outgoing, passionate people who will walk and talk about our brand and it’s future growth. Whether through your email intro or on your first thank you email, show us your passion and personality! Believe me, a little goes a long way, especially with me! Typically, you spend more time with your startup colleagues than your own family. We look for people who understand that, and who we can trust with our startup baby. It takes a special type of person who wants to make that commitment. Show us in the interview process you are ready and able to devote more time than your average Joe! The pacing of a startup is much different than your typical tech giant. We need agile, adaptable, fearless collaborators who don’t slow us down! When scheduling for an interview, responding to emails, and working on a case study, show us you can work fast! Slow responders and overly deliberate thinkers need not apply! We aren’t looking for followers. We are looking for leaders and risk-takers. We want to bring people on with unique personalities, perspectives, and storytellers. We don’t want mundane. We want people who challenge the status quo. Think ex Olympians, professional chess players, retired pop stars, chefs, wellness experts, people who have lived outside the box, much like our current team here at Arival! Talent makes or breaks a startup. If you fit the mold of at least 4 of the above, apply here: Arival.us/apply! I look forward to being wowed by your uniqueness. Show us something we haven’t seen before!