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[ How to edit source codes on Yocto project, and rebuild it? ]

I'm new at Yocto project.

The problem is rebuilding with source editing.

The flow which I tried is below.

  1. Build Yocto Project ( bitbake core-image-weston )

  2. After building, I edited weston source code. ( build/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/weston/1.9.0-r0/git/ivi-shell/hmi-controller.c )

  3. Re-Build Yocto Project. ( I don't know how can I rebuild it, so I tried many ways. )

    1. bitbake core-image-weston
    2. bitbake weston
    3. bitbake weston -c -f compile bitbake weston -c -f deploy
    4. bitbake weston -c -f rebuild
    5. bitbake weston -c -f build
  4. I checked output rootfs : core-image-weston-.tar.bz But it doesn't changed. (I added a wrong codes which cause build error, but build error is not occured ever! )

So, I hope to know how can I edit source code(weston) and build it correctly. finally, I hope to get properly built rootfs.

Thank you.

Answer 1

After recompiling the the package, you should also rerun the build of the image. Then the changes should be included:

bitbake -c compile -f weston
bitbake core-image-weston