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[ How to Prepare for Breastfeeding ]

Unsplash Breastfeeding is natural but it doesn’t come naturally. It only looks easy in pictures. Successful breastfeeding is a science, it all comes down to proper latching. A proper latch happens when your baby’s mouth covers your areola — the dark area around your nipples. If your baby tends to suck on the tip of your nipple without getting the areola she’s latches incorrectly. Here’s a simple fix — use your finger to gently loosen the latch. Don’t completely pull him/her off, just use your finger to adjust. Another trip use the tip of your nipple to touch your newborns nose then the area between your nose and lip (philtrum). Instinctively your newborn will open wide in turn get a good latch. On the flip side, an incorrect latch is no fun. You’ll end up with cracked, sore, tender. nipples. Our nipple balm is specially formulated to provide relief and make latching a breeze. No one says truly says how hard breastfeeding is. As a doula, I’m here to help you prepare by setting your expectations for success. Your expectation will depend on your cultural background and family. Did your mom, aunts or grandmother breastfeed, what was their experience? What do they say when you tell them you’re planning to breastfeed? What about your spouse? Did his/her mom breastfeed? All these questions form the basis surrounding your feelings about breastfeeding. No one tells you, you can actually attend a breastfeeding class or educate yourself by reading books. This will be tough with a growing belly because you’ll be more inclined to read pregnant books. Here are a few breastfeeding books I read for my doula training: No one tells you that you can look at your body. As your body prepares to produce milk, your areola will be darker. This is all in preparation for milk. Newborns have poor eye sight, so a dark areola help them find the breast after birth. Do you have flat or inverted nipples? What does that mean for you breastfeeding? No one tells you, you can prepare your house for breastfeeding. What spot will be most comfortable for you? If your house has two levels you’ll need two stations. What about a nursing pillow, breast pads, nursing bras. Preparing your house is most usually an after thought and happens once you home with your newborn. We’re here to help you prepare for breastfeeding and what happens postpartum. Follow us @coddledotco to continue learning about breastfeeding and postpartum.