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[ how to solve missing hibernate-support library in copied netbeans project ]

I am working on this Java code given using NetBeans. I copy code and trying to run and getting following error

Warning: Could not find file /home/blackbird/NetBeansProjects/XCRIBuilder/${libs.hibernate-support.classpath} to copy**

in NetBeans --> project properties it says missing hibernate-support library, but I can see there are multiple hibernate related jar files already added to library.

is there any classPath need to set-up for hibernate? if I create new java web-application project in NetBeans then it doesn't give me this error

I am running NetBeans on linux ubuntu.

I really need guideline on this

Many thanks in advanced

Answer 1

Even though this is a pretty old question...

In Project properties->Libraries I removed the hibernate-support reference and then added hibernate directly from Netbeans, i.e. Add Library -> Global Libraries -> Hibernate 4.3.x

Clean and build and everything should be fine.