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[ How to use upconfig & linkconfig scripts on external zookeeper ]

I am trying to set up a solrCloud with external zookeeper ensemble of 3 servers and a replicated solr on 2 servers.

Assumed that an external zookeeper should be independent from other storages I can't find out how to set the -solrhome parameter. Is the zookeeper supposed to read data from the worker nodes?

How do you upload the config and link it with target collection?

Answer 1

We had a lot of problems using solr.home so save yourself some stress and just keep your directories how solr likes them by default.


  • /example/solr/collection1/conf/schema.xml
  • /example/solr/collection1/conf/solrconfig.xml
  • /example/solr/collection1/core.properties
  • /example/start.jar

To get your configuration into Zookeeper, get familiar with solr's zkcli.sh script. You want to use this to manage your solr configs. It will create/update the files in ZK under the /configs node.

./zkcli.sh -cmd upconfig -confdir /example/solr/collection1/conf -confname collection1 -z

After running the upconfig cmd above, the files in /example/solr/collection1/conf will be uploaded to ZK under /configs/collection1.

Also need to link your config to your collection (creates a node under the /collections node in ZK)

# only need to link the config once
./zkcli.sh -cmd linkconfig -collection collection1 -confname collection1 -z

Then you can just start solr like this:

java -DzkHost= -jar start.jar

The other servers in your cloud will now get the configuration from zookeeper! Some more info in a pretty good blog post here: SolrCloud Cluster (Single Collection) Deployment

Note: is a comma delimited list of your ZK servers and collection1 is your collection

Answer 2

You can specify the root of the Solr configuration as part of your Zookeeper connection string: -zkhost host1,host2,hostN/solr