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[ If you are new at Medium and have few or no followers… ]

My first story got 18 reads. My 2nd story got 7. My 3rd story got 2. Which, I suppose, is better than none. But, the downhill trend wasn’t looking good. After that, I didn’t write here for 10 months. When you’re new, and no one reads what you write, it can feel a little sad. If you were just writing for yourself, why not just save it on your computer? It would get the same mileage, but with less of the accompanying sad. We writers aren’t just writing for ourselves. When we’re fingers on keyboard, sure. But once we hit the publish button? There’s a whole new hope... Please God, let someone like what I wrote. So, I thought I’d share a couple of tips… It’s hard for people to like your writing if they don’t even know you’re out there — If a tree falls in the forest…you know? Start with tags. Follow tags that interest you. Follow tags that you’d write about, too. Think of it like finding your people. Brave it up and write your first story. Don’t worry if no one reads it. Remember, tree in the forest… but you want something for people to read when they do find you. Follow people whose writing you like. Some of them will follow back. Share the love. Click on the green heart when you like a story. Leave comments to tell the writer what you liked, too. It really does help. Some people say the little green ❤s don’t matter. They’re wrong. They do. Because “reads” are nice — but according to Medium, the little green hearts are how we tell writers we liked what they wrote. See? A little secret about liking and sharing... Those little green hearts made SF Ali Medium’s resident cheerleader. When you show appreciation for the people writing here, some of that love will be returned. That’s just how it works. Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s the old Golden Rule. Old because it works. Always has, always will. Also… If you’re brand new, or could count your followers in fingers and toes, feel welcome to paste a link to your first story in the comments here. If the comments don’t blow up, I’ll come say hi and welcome. If you liked this or found it helpful, please click the ❤ to share. Thanks!