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[ iOS: Keeping UIToolBar on top during segue ]

I have a UIViewController which segues (push) to another UIViewController. The first controller contains a nicely laid out UIToolBar menu and I want this to persist over the secondary UIViewController (and another other ones I push on the navigation stack).

Is this possible?

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This can be done with a container view in a storyboard, or using the custom container view controller api in code. In the storyboard, you can add your tool bar to a view controller, drag in a container view, and size it to take up the rest of the view. You will automatically get a view controller connected with an embed segue to the container view. Select it, and embed it in a navigation controller. You can use prepareForSegue (which will be called immediately after your main view controller - the one with the container view - is instantiated) to get a reference to the navigation controller (it will be the destinationViewController).