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[ Is Alteryx the right choice for your analysis needs? ]

History/Context Alteryx is both the name of the company that makes the software and the name of the software… it actually has an interesting backstory. The company was founded in 1997 and used to be called SRC LLC. For its first 15 years, the company focused primarily on geographic business intelligence solutions. It has a history of working on various interesting data-related geographic projects, including partnering with the U.S. census in 2012 to create a tool which helped customers strategically mine/analyze demographic data for their respective use-cases. This was a groundbreaking project, as it was the first time the general public could dig into the demographic makeup of the U.S with such granularity. In 2010, the company re-branded to “Alteryx”, taking the name of their leading data analysis software. From this point, the company started defining itself as an all-around data science and analysis company, not exclusively a geographic business intelligence solution. They designed their software to be a drag and drop solution for any associate to perform advanced analytics without as much of a coding / hard-science background. However, due to Alteryx’s decades-long background in geospatial data analysis, I believe this is still what separates its software from others. On a side note, Alteryx had its IPO on March 24, 2017 at $14 per share. The stock price reached a high of $158 on February 14th, 2020….