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It Is Time For Us To Sing Our History Into the Bones of Our Future We may be different on the surface, but we are not different in the fabric of our being. It is no longer time to cry about our history or feel hatred about it. We have splintered ourselves with all of this grief, all of this hatred. We have left ourselves groveling in the dust of our own destruction, unable to see the possibility of healing because we are so focused on our grief and hatred. It is time to sing our collective story out into the world, a story wrought with beauty, tragedy, both learned and unlearned lessons. It is time for us to zoom our focus out and see the broad picture: we, the human race, have been through trials, challenges, births, beginnings, and deaths. We have been brought to our last thread of sanity and come back again. I say WE because I mean it. History has been drawn as a battle: us versus them, them versus us. But it has always actually been us versus us. It is time to sing our history into the bones of our future because we are all one. It is time to look at the millennia as a long story, bringing us closer to our oneness. Race, inequality, religion, money, and power are all socio-political constructs meant to drive walls between us…to keep us fighting and hating each other…to disempower us. It is time to sing our history into the bones of the future the way the wolf woman sang life into the dead bones of the wolf in Women Who Run With the Wolves. The way witches have sung life into a birthing baby, or sung one death into the birth of the afterlife. The expansion or evolution of what we are must include an expansion of our understanding. We must understand that hatred based on skin tone, income, sex, caste, religion, are all low-vibration judgments that don’t hold much actual truth. Even race, when looked at on the cellular level, does not draw us apart. We may be different on the surface, but we are not different in the fabric of our being. Once we start showing our ability to look deeper, to start perceiving things and people on the level of vibration or energy, we will start to see that hate is irrelevant. All hate is based on meaning as thin as cheap writing paper. Yes, we as a human race have done deplorable things to each other and to ourselves, but it is a trial that calls us to see with deeper insight. The Tenth Insight, by James Redfield talks about our human history quite a bit, but from a spiritual level. It talks about how important loss was for our evolution because it made us ask where we come from. Watching our loved ones die forced us to start wondering how we could stop it from happening in the future. Problems beget anger, yes, but curiosity follows — as long as you let the anger become fertilizer for the ground — and let the power of curiosity beget solutions. We can give in to the romance of power, to the Us vs. Them/Them vs. Us mentality, but it is a distraction from the true lesson. The true lesson is that we can keep reacting, fighting, killing, hating, raping, ostracizing, stealing, maiming, and abusing each other, but not much will change. There has never been one true outcome that clarifies who the good guys and bad guys are. Yes, many actions are wrong, but someone out there will always think it’s right. Perspective will always make it difficult to prove who is right and who is wrong. ‘The way’ will become clear once we pull our focus away from the minutia of our differences, and focus instead on how to evolve, how to raise the collective vibration of the human race and the planet, together. The most common intuitive hit I get is this image of our separation melting away. The boundaries of skin, of money, of definition, blending into a great glowing light that connects all bodies on the planet. This I believe, represents a time when we will raise our understanding to a point of knowing that needs no words. One day, we will know we all come from energy, and that our cells are even made of the same materials. What I also know, is that we will not get there easily. I see much loss in the future of the human race. We have been focusing on hate for so many hundreds of years, that we have manifested more violence, more anger, and more loss than ever before. Our wars are not over, guns are not gone, and it is still easy for many of us to hate for small reasons as well as large. I see an evolution that will come only after we learn some very hard lessons. I wish it wasn’t so, but that is what I see. The largeness of What Is waits all the time. It is eternally just outside of our perception. Always patient…Endlessly patient. Awaiting the moment when we drop our perceptions of color, of inequality, of status, of definition, so that we may all become a part of this great, constantly expanding fabric of existence. Our vibrational potential is endless, but as long as we keep perceiving ourselves from a place of differences and inequality, we will continue to suffer.