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[ iTunes Connect Add an iOS build to test - build grayed-out? ]

This build HAS finished processing, BUT it is now stuck as a "grayed-out" build. I have never seen anything like this before. Is this a brand new problem on iTunes Connect?

enter image description here

totally bizarre...

Answer 1

A build I uploaded more than 3 hours ago just changed from grayed-out to an option. Yet the build that finished processing about an hour ago is still grayed-out. So looks like it may be working with a much greater than normal lag.

Answer 2

An update from us, due to

(i) adding a new build ("451") which is pointlessly identical other than the build number

(ii) waiting 2.5 hours

enter image description here

seemed to do the trick. Interestingly it just skipped or got confused about 450, so maybe there was some problem there.