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[ Joe Abrams Invests in Ponder ]

We’re thrilled to announce that Joe Abrams, co-founder of MySpace and one of the fathers of social media, has decided to invest in Ponder and join our Board of Directors as an observer. Joe is an extremely successful entrepreneur and an expert in emerging growth companies in areas including technology, drug discovery technology, consumer products, big data, and online job placement. “Ponder is building a gamified referral platform on the blockchain, that will completely change the incentives for recruiting, business partnerships and personal relationships. I’m thrilled to not only be an investor but provide strategic guidance as the company grows!” said Abrams. Joe was a co-founder of The Software Toolworks, which he sold to Pearson PLC for $462m in 1994. He later co-founded Intermix Media, the parent company of MySpace, which he sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580m. Mr. Abrams also sits on the advisory boards for several companies including Recruiter.com, an online global recruiting service offering an industry leading job market technology platform. With his breadth of experience in technology and social networks, Joe is the perfect executive and strategic thinker to help the Ponder ecosystem grow over the coming years. Learn more about the Ponder platform and token sale here!