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[ Joomla Events Override ]

Is it possible for plugins to block System Events in Joomla? I'm currently using a url rewriting plugin and the onAfterRoute event does not seem to be called (which I need for another plugin)


Answer 1

Plugins shouldn't be blocking the onAfterRoute event. However, plugins responding to that event must be published after they are installed.

Also, onAfterRoute is called after the URL is parsed and variables have been pushed into JRequest. Is this this point where you're wanting the plugin to be called, or does it need to come before onAfterRoute?

Answer 2

Does the other plugin (the one that uses onAfterRoute) work if you disable the URL rewriting plugin? If not, then that's not the problem.

If it does, then I suggest you look at the plugin and find the bit that targets onAfterRoute to see what it's doing. (Maybe post it here if it's not too involved.)