[ #JustStart Your Goals ]

The goal is what we dream to fulfill in our future that makes us happy. We dream of multiple goals in our life but achieve only those goals for which we struggle hard. Without planning, hard work, and strategy no one can achieve his/her goal in life. So. Today I will share my goal it is my dream also I want to set my online business platform on social media so for this I have to do the following tasks to achieve this goal. 1: Planning: In the 1st task, I Plan which things on-demand now so I decided to make some Nikah pens and decorate glass for marriages because it is trending now. And these things are in my budget. 2: Make Connections : 2nd thing is that I have to make the connection with the peoples that helps me to promote my business. So for this purpose, my sister helps me promote my business by telling everyone that my sister starts the online business so plz contact her for your order. 3: Make Quality Product: The 3rd task is to make a sample product for the clients when they asked me for my work and samples so I show them my work. So I make a Nikkah pen and a Glass for my online business. Why I choose this Goal: I choose this goal because I start this without any financial support I want to be independent and start this business to fulfill my other goal in life. What are the challenges I face in the past: Due to lack of confidence and my poor communication is the big challenge for me to start this but after joining Amal I feel a change in me and Amal give me confidence so I do that. Experience During These tasks: When I was doing these 3 tasks I really thank Amal who encourages me to just start my goal. Now I am more confident and ready to make my Instagram business account so I further promote my business goal. What Were The Challenges I face This time: So, The main problem is my poor connection with people If I have a huge circle of people so I easily promote my small business but anyhow I struggle hard and make connections to sell my products. Also, my tough routine of studies is also a big challenge for me to do this. What I learn From this: Dream big but to fulfill your dream always starts from the zero points this zero leads you to the top. Every goal needs time and practice to fulfill. My Next Step : My next step is to follow the 3rd principal of Amal #Kamkamkam and forget your Aram.