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  1. How to pass the contents of a file using `cat` to `_values` (zsh completion)

    Is it possible to pass the contents of a file using cat to _values (zsh completion)? If I uncomment the line _values cat .test_tasks~ and comment _values below, it doesn't work, I get: _values:compvalues:10: in...Learn More
  2. Lock application focus avoiding the use of any other application

    How to, when the application first started, lock on my application avoiding the event of any use of 'back' and 'home' button. Only the application should have the ability to release the access to the device, th...Learn More
  3. Prevent package importing itself

    Ok, let's give you an example (original question below). I have made a package called "myproject" which shows the problem I'm facing. Download the package here: ...Learn More
  4. apache server with mod_wsgi + python as backend, how can i be able to notified my connection status?

    i'm trying to build a web server using apache as the http server, mod_wsgi + python as the logic handler, the server was supposed to handler long request without returning, meaning i want to keep writing stuff ...Learn More
  5. Approximate regular expressions error counting behavior

    I am using the regex package to work with approximate regular expressions in Python. I do not understand the behavior I see when errors are counted in matches. If I use the following regular expression with err...Learn More
  6. mod_rewrite error

    I'm using mod_rewrite in my new website. .htaccess file RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?rwr=$1 index.php file if (isset($_REQ...Learn More
  7. VIM: FileType specific mapping not working when defined in ftplugin

    I am trying to set a mapping for FileType perl. The mapping is for the case when I forgot to use semicolon at the end of the line. So first I tried adding in my .vimrc autocmd! FileType perl nnoremap <leader...Learn More
  8. How to get API response running MVC4 application in cloud?

    I created the web site with database in Windows Azure cloud platform, and have published my MVC application into the cloud, but i don't see the api response in XML or JSON formats, i.e. when loading More
  9. UISrollView with storyboard using autolayout

    I can't find a working example on this. Every example I read doesn't mention storyboard, including release notes. I don't want to add a subview programically, since I'm using a storyboard. Here is my view on th...Learn More
  10. Modifying Sublime Text 2 for JS

    I am almost a beginner to programming outside "Mathematica". I use Sublime Text 2 and mostly need to code in JS, and I would like to use a different color theme than the one already present in preferences. F...Learn More
  11. Creating an Excel chart that uses data from multiple sheets

    Consider the following case: I have a single Excel workbook with 4 sheets in it. Each sheet represents one quarter of a year. Each sheet contains 2 columns: Date Revenue I now want to create a line grap...Learn More
  12. How do I JSON_encode a dictionary in python?

    value = re.findall(b,'some regex',respdata) keywords = re.findall(b,'some regex',respdata) #Empty dictionary Dictionary = {} x=0 for eachValue in value: Dictionary[eachValue] = keyword[x] x+=1 ...Learn More