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[ Model field types for Django 1.8.2 models that will work with MySQL database tables ]

Let's say I have the following table showing how the columns would be declared for a MySQL table: (I can't think of a very realistic example, so here's something that's so silly. This table is created with the help of Excel)

enter image description here

I want to create a model in Django that is compatible with the MySQL table I'll have with the columns declared this way. However, from looking at the Django documentation, I can't find any model field types that in SQL are the same format as those in the picture except for the primary key field.

I did see before that by default, Django handles a database that uses the SQLite Engine, but I want to see if it's possible to handle a database of MySQL tables.

Is there a way to create Django model field types, like MEDIUMINT, TINYTEXT, and SMALLINT, (in MySQL) that are compatible with tables created through MySQL? It's simply a way for me to use the tables that I created myself, not the tables that Django generates automatically once all the models are defined.

Answer 1

In Django you normally create the models and let the framework generate the tables for you. If you have a legacy database you can use python manage.py inspectdb to generate the models from the database (see the documentation). But if it isn't a legacy database and you've created it just now, you are fighting against the framework and making your life more complicated.