Have you ever felt bullied before? Have you ever been verbally targeted by someone at school, work, or on the Internet? There are a lot of things that I can’t stand in this world: People are being bullied every day and it needs to be stopped right now. And let’s face it! Bullying is very BAD and WRONG (it’s against the law), both in person and especially online! And bullying is NOT the right thing and it’s unhealthy. And it needs to STOP right now. Because many people with Autism do not always understand the rules of relationships, friendships, and internet safety. Sometimes they can be too trusting, and others might take advantage of this. It is just like Temple Grandin said, we want to fit in and be accepted. People may NOT always realize that they are being targeted at school. Students (with Autism) might think it is bullying only if they are being physically hurt or verbally insulted. We can be too trusting, and sometimes people take advantage of us. Another reason why people on the spectrum can be targeted is because we may say or do things that are different from others. I think people are truly afraid of “being different.” People with Autism can benefit from learning the differences between friendly behaviour and bullying behaviour. Basically, what it means to be targeted. Here’s my MAIN MESSAGE to those who are currently bullied: You are NOT alone, and you have friends to stand up to the bully and it is not up to you to STOP the bullying. You DID NOT cause it. And it’s NOT your fault.