[ New Website Marks the Beginning of a New Era at OSPI ]

Superintendent Chris Reykdal When the last Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website launched, President Bill Clinton was nearing the end of his second term in the White House. A gallon of gas cost $1.26. Superintendent Chris Reykdal was about to earn his Master of Public Administration degree. Finally, after decades of hope, years of planning, and months of work, OSPI has finished a complete redesign of its website. “The new OSPI website underscores our commitment to accessibility and continuous improvement,” said Superintendent Reykdal. “The new site was developed with the input of parents, families, educators, school district administrators, and community members to create a site that is accessible and easy to navigate.” In developing the site, OSPI conducted surveys with hundreds of respondents from across the state to find out what they thought of the agency’s current site, how they thought content should be organized, if they liked the new design and layout, and more. All major decisions about the design and structure of the new site was driven by this user feedback. Based on their input as well as discussions within the agency and with experts, OSPI sorted content into six main categories: Student Success (graduation, learning standards and materials, special education, health and safety, support programs, and more). Certification (certification requirements, National Board Certification, fingerprint and background check requirements, and more). Educator Support (mentoring and supporting beginning teachers, the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program, educator awards, and more). Policy & Funding (school apportionment, special education funding, legislative priorities, grants, school facilities funding, and more). Data & Reporting (the School Report Card, logging into the Education Data System, student data privacy, and more). About OSPI (the superintendent and the agency, contacting OSPI, news releases, and more). The second phase of the redesign process is an overhaul of content on the website. Agency staff will work to make content easier to read and understand. To provide feedback on the new site or ask a question about something you can’t find, please fill out the Ask OSPI form. The OSPI Website Through the Years Since the launch of the first OSPI website in 1997, the website has had numerous renovations and updates. Here are just a few, from the Archive.org Wayback Machine: January 1997: OSPI’s first website, launched in 1997, was a directory of links to site content. October 2002: The OSPI website in 2002 featured the red and black color scheme, and would have largely the same layout for the next 18 years. November 2003: The OSPI website in 2003 prominently featured resources for students and parents, and featured an updated blue color scheme. October 2009: