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[ Noir and Lein under Eclipse ]

I am trying to use CCW + lein for clojure devl. I built a small Noir app which has page for / with command line lein run , I am able to see the output at localhost

But how to run within CCW + Lein under eclipse , I press Run , and then open the browser , it is not working .. ? What's the problem ? How to debug within Eclipse the web app. ie test whether the server is running , any other web related debugging ? Thanks Sunil

Answer 1

You can start the application from the Eclipse REPL. Open the context dialog (right-click), navigate to Clojure and then click Load-file in REPL. After which write (-main) (or manually (server-start ...) in the REPL.

I mainly use Emacs for Clojure development so there is probably a better way to achieve this.