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[ Pakistan - a muslim pedophile nation ]

Dear pedophiles of the world, come visit Pakistan. We have just the right laws for your liking in Pakistan. Here you can kidnap any child of your right choice from her home or on her way to school. Please bear in mind that you get only two week’s time after which your local police station will file an official report. You then have two day’s time for you to sign and to get the child’s thumb impression for accepting Islam. You can they present a locally made marriage certificate in the courts and they will send her back with you. The courts follow muslim sharia laws that allow for marriage of any child who has got her first period. The courts will also specifically deny the parents from meeting the child and grant you her complete custody. On the day of your return flight, you can divorce her by just saying the words “talaq” three times in public. Also, you can sell her back to her parents, for which you can contact the local police station for arranging this meetup for a 10% commission. If this will not boost the tourism industry in Pakistan we are not sure what will. We also don’t mind you picking up young boys of the streets as well. For reference watch — https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30v2wh Every year more than 1,200 minor Christian, and Hindu girls are kidnapped, raped, forced converted and married off in Pakistan. These girls are never heard from again. In case of girls like Sonia Bibi, she was shot dead for raising her voice while being kidnapped. While the minorities — Christians, Hindus, Amhadis and Shias are killed are tortured every year — these crimes are done for systematically breaking the spirit of minorities. The minorities who were at 15% of the population are now at 1.5% in population as of 2016. The Shias and Ahamdis (though muslims) are shot dead and no cases are taken ahead in courts. The police and judges have a warped sense of pride in the torture and killing of non-muslims. No cases will be filed and no criminal will be prosecuted. A final shocking update to 13 year old Arzoo Raja case, the child met her parents after being rescued for the first time on 5th December, 2020. And the child repeated her rapists massage to the parents “Go to the Supreme court, say you are sorry, take back the complaint against the rapist Azhar Ali (and everyone) and then you can take back your child Arzoo”. For the past one month after rescue, she was placed under police protection in a shelter home. The lawyers, policemen and muslim community meet her everyday and continues to teach her what to say in courts. Please find more evidence by reading up on the response by courts in cases of girls like Maria Shahbaz, Huma Younus, Farah Shaheen, Jameela (raped while her family was made to hear her screams for refusing to convert), deaf-mute Komal, Shiza Maqsood, Mahek, Nisha, Arzoo Raja and many more.