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[ pcl6.exe v9.15 silently converting APOSTROPHE => RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK ]

Good afternoon.

I am running pcl6.exe version 9.15 on Windows 8.1.

I am running into a problem where pcl6.exe in silently converting any APOSTROPHE characters into RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK characters using the 16602 typeface in a PCL5 file.

Here is the command line I am using:

pcl6.exe -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=txtwrite -sOutputFile=test.txt test.prn

test.prn input (hex)

1B 28 30 55 1B 28 73 31 70 31 30 76 31 36 36 30 32 54 1B 26 61 30 76 30 48 3E 27 3C

test.prn input (text ['.' is the escape character])


test.txt output (hex)

20 20 3E E2 80 99 3C 0D 0A

test.txt output (text)


expected test.txt output (hex)

20 20 3E 27 3C 0D 0A

expected test.txt output (text)


Is there a flag or an option somewhere that can disable this conversion?

Thank you for your time.

Answer 1

txtwrite does the best it can with the input, PCL tends not to have much information in the PCL file to allow us to determine what the glyph should be (PostScript is better, and PDF often still better).

If you think there is a real problem I would suggest your best bet is to open a bug report. Apart from anything else, I would need to see the PCL file to determine what's going on. Most lkely the character code you are using corresponds to an apostrophe, which in the specific font is a right quote. There is no way for the text extraction device to know what shape the font will draw in response to a character code. At least, not in PCL

Answer 2

The problem was caused by the symbolset.

The sample was using the PCL ISO 6: ASCII symbolset (code 0U )


According to the 0U symbolset reference, APOSTROPHE (0x27) is replaced with RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK (0x2019). Pcl6.exe then converts these UTF-16 bytes into their UTF-8 equivalent: 0xE28099