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[ Program to find the normal and trace of a matrix ]

 import math
# Get size of matrix
row_size=int(input("Enter the row Size Of the Matrix:"))
col_size=int(input("Enter the columns Size Of the Matrix:")) matrix=[]
# Taking input of the matrix
print("Enter the Matrix Element:")
for i in range(row_size): matrix.append([int(j) for j in input().split()]) # Calculate sum of the diagonals element
# and Calculate sum of all the element
for i in range(0, row_size): for j in range(0, col_size): if i==j: trace += matrix[i][j] sum+=matrix[i][j]
normal=math.sqrt(sum) # Display the normal and trace of the matrix
print("Normal Of the Matrix is: ",normal)
print("Trace Of the Matrix is: ",trace)