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[ Programtically sign into Office 365 OWA using ADFS/MSOSTS tokens ]

Trying to programatically sign into OWA using ADFS 2.0. The domain is federated and sign in works as expected (redirect to https://myadfs.server/adfs/ls/?blabla) from https://login.microsoftonline.com/.

Instead of using the adfs redirect, I have created my own sign in page using the code sample here.

But the code is for SharePoint. I need OWA. I guess main thing I need to change is the service URL for Office 365 OWA that will return authorization cookies. The code uses https://mysharepoint.server/_forms/default.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0 to get the auth cookies

Does anyone know what is the equivalent url for OWA? Or any code sample?

Answer 1

A different approach can be used to sign into O365. The main thing is I'm not ONLY trying to sign into O365. I need to obtain the logon token, and present a "dashboard" to the user which allows them to chose which service they want to use this token (or logged in Identity) for, of which Office 365 is ONE of the services.

Answered this here on SO