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[ Python Dlib Segmenation Fault error on import ]

Whenever I try to import dlib I get the following error.

/Users/Llama/anaconda/bin/python.app: line 3:  4052 Segmentation fault: 11
/Users/Llama/anaconda/python.app/Contents/MacOS/python "$@"

Can someone help me with this, I've been stuck on it for days and its vital to a school project I am working on.

Answer 1

Well, it seems that dlib 1 is a Python module written in C++. This is a case where there can be binary incompatibilities, or it could also be a bug in the dlib module itself.

It seems you are using Python from the anaconda 2 project, how did you install dlib ?

You can also try running python with -v to get more info:

python -v -c 'import dlib'