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[ Python in a webapp (client side) ]

This is part of some preliminary research and I am having a difficult time figuring out what options might be available or if this is even a situation where a solution even exists.

Essentially we have an existing python based simulation that we would like to make available to people via the web. It can be pretty processor intensive, so while we could just run the sim server side and write a client that connects to it, this would not be ideal.

Writing a UI in Flash/Flex or HTML5, not a problem. However, is there any way to keep the core simulation logic in python without having it live server side? Is there any existing way to embed python modules in either of these technologies?

Thanks all.

Answer 1

Pyjamas: Python->Javascript, set of widgets for use in a browser or a desktop

Skulpt: Python written in Javascript

Emscripten: C/C++ -> LLVM -> Javascript

Empythoned: Based on emscripten and cpython, working on a stdlib? There are bugs to file