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[ Python lists into MySQL Database ]

I have a question and I am actually already struggling with the approach how to tackle it. I have several lists.

name = ['name1','name2', 'name3']
id = ['id1', 'id2', 'id3']
created_at = ['created_at1', 'created_at2', 'created_at3']

The lists have always the same number of element. What I want to do is write them into a MySql database that looks like this:

Name   ID    Created_at
name1  id1   created_at1
name2  id2   created_at2
name3  id3   created_at3

Any ideas?

Answer 1

Use zip.

output = zip(name, id, created_at)

output: [('name1', 'id1', 'created_at1'), ('name2', 'id2', 'created_at2'), ('name3', 'id3', 'created_at3')]

Iterate through the output and insert into the database.

updated: Iterating through output:

for item in output:
    === Have to do mysql insert operation ===

Hope it helps.

Answer 2

Iterating through multiple lists at the same time is what zip (and even better, itertools.izip) are for.

for each_name, each_id, each_created_at in itertools.izip(name, id, created_at):
    ... insert into db...