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  1. Does an unmodifiable view of TreeMap retain the key ordering?

    Suppose I have a TreeMap<Long,Long> map. I need to view an unmodifiable version from a getter so I return a Map<Long,Long> of return Collections.unmodifiableMap(map);. However, I need it to be retu...Learn More
  2. The Best Wifi Router Price Specification and Review — GoodsPoints

    We’ve been experimenting with several Wifi routers for several days. After testing more than 10 routers over 150 hours, we’ve determined that the best router for wirelessly connecting your laptops, Desktop, and...Learn More
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  3. Parsing unicode string read from a cell in an xlrd.Book object

    I am trying to parse some unicode text from an excel2007 cell read by using xlrd (actually xlsxrd). For some reason xlrd attaches "text: " to the beginning of the unicode string and is making it difficult for m...Learn More
  4. Return reference to a generic list?

    Suppose I have classes set up like this: public abstract class GenericCustomerInformation { //abstract methods declared here } public class Emails : GenericCustomerInformation { //some new stuff, and a...Learn More
  5. Using ROBOCOPY or Batch Script to Copy .doc File From Different Sub-Directories

    I currently have this folder structure: C:\Quarter1\Folder100\Q1Review100.doc C:\Quarter1\Folder101\Q1Review101.doc ... C:\Quarter1\Folder120\Q1Review120.doc I also have another directory following the same...Learn More
  6. OnepageController is not overloading/rewriting with my custom controller

    I am trying to overload/rewrite the core Onepagecontroller with my custom controller in local pool, but it is not working. I am using Magento 1.5.1 Here is my file structure and code: Controller file: \app\code...Learn More
  7. File Open Function with Try & Except Python 2.7.1

    def FileCheck(fn): try: fn=open("TestFile.txt","U") except IOError: print "Error: File does not appear to exist." return 0 I'm trying to make a function tha...Learn More
  8. Tornado web server and multithreading sharing issues

    I have a web server based on Tornado and I'm facing with a problem related to the single core/single threaded behavior of Tornado. From the documentation, Tornado can use all the CPU cores by running multiple ...Learn More
  9. Selectively replacing DataFrames column names

    I have a time series dataset in a .csv file that I want to process with Pandas (using Canopy). The column names from the file are a mix of strings and isotopic numbers. cycles 40 38.02 35.98 P...Learn More
  10. C# - Referencing a type in a dynamically generated assembly

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible when you are dynamically generating assemblies, to reference a type in a previously dynamically generated assembly. For example: using System; using System.CodeDom.Comp...Learn More
  11. SQL Query PHP website from Win7 to MAMP

    I've created a PHP login system running on a Macbook using MAMP. When I create a new user account from a networked Win7 machine I can create the account (new account details appear in the database) To login th...Learn More
  12. ASP.NET MVC2 Strongly-typed view databinding question

    I'll start off by saying my terminology might be off, which is why I might be having trouble finding an answer to this question, and apologising for the wall of text. I have a strongly-typed view that inherits ...Learn More