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I'm trying to recurse over a list (eg. [True, [[True, False], [False, [False, True]]]]) using Python. I know that the list length will always be 2 and both values will be boolean. I'd like to take those values and substitute them back into the list until there are only 2 values left (or 1 boolean value). Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer 1

You haven't said how to combine the two parts, so I'm assuming or but you could use another function instead.

l = [True, [[True, False], [False, [False, True]]]]

def foo(x):
    if isinstance(x, list):
        return foo(x[0]) or foo(x[1])
        return x

print foo(l)

Answer 2

say your list is l

def print_list(list):
   t = type(list())
   for item in list:
      if type(item) is t:
         print item

Something simple like that would print every item in your list.