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[ Revelations of My Phylogeny ]

In this year where I ceased to be released and free from the inconvenient confines of my mind I seek a space and time a near relation to the revelation of my phylogeny from student to scholar to midwife to mother an eyeblink turned in on itself Every day dug deeper another layer preferring to percolate past the pedasol of pain by this decision to remain for the duration this archaeological excavation of agony and ache Exploring through the bedrock with spade and blade and pick fighting feinting writing relating through a lithosphere of broken laid twelve lifetimes thick praying to uncover fossilised remains a streak of carbon to explain how to cling to hope In this year where I ceased to be I rewound me pencil to casette I re-met she agile, brave filled with wonderment and mystery before she gave and gave and gave until the giving became a cacophonous refrain of pain an equilibrium of nothing more remains A concretion settled down and hardened around a tiny seed called possibility now replaced . recrystallised . erased © Aspen Blue 2020